Welcome to SBBUVAS Alumni


The SBBUVAS Alumni is a platform to promote and facilitate lifelong links between the University and its Alumni. It is dedicated to build an active relationship between SBBUVAS and its former graduates as well as be a great source of inspiration for the current students through frequent meetings, counseling, and guidance from the former graduates. 

Main objectives of the alumni office are as under:


  • To build an active relationship between the SBBUVAS and its former graduates.
  • To raise financial and material resources for efficient and effective teaching and learning as well as the general wellbeing of alumni, students, and staff at SBBUVAS.
  • To bring every graduating class to alumni roll.
  • To help students to approach their seniors for internships and job opportunities.
  • Students will get to learn new things through frequent meetings, counseling, and guidance from former graduates.
  • To provide incentives such as rewards and prizes to the best student researchers and best alumni models with a proven record of significant contribution to society and industry.
  • To encourage alumni to develop their respective careers through the use of university resources and support from staff.
  • To initiate seminars, lecturers and other academic events for the benefit of alumni.
  • To organize reunions and other alumni functions.
  • The office maintains all communications with its members either via the website, biannual newsletters, email, phone or other forms of communications.
  • The office is responsible to send newsletter and communicate with alumni through email.




The membership of SBBUVAS Alumni is free of cost and open to all the graduates and graduating students of the University. However, they are required to register with us. We are working to improve the experience for our alumni, beyond the walls of the University’s campus, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our alumni come together and sharing their successes.